Your Supply Line is 15,000 Miles Long

At Blue Star, we know where we stand.

Our goals are sincere:

  • Make products that exceed industry standards;
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and service;
  • Adopt a long-term view of business;
  • Honor the integrity of our companies, our people, our customers.

Our Mission is clear:

  • Give our customers what they want, when they need it, at a price they can afford to pay.

On the supply side:

  • Our investment in our people and facilities continue. We have grown to employ more than 400 people, whose families and communities depend on our success.

Blue Star Products are Distributed by:

The Warren Trask Co. of Lakeville, MA (800) 752-0121 The Warren Trask Co. of Albany (Menands), NY (800) 827-2446 Mid-State Lumbar Corp. of Branchburg, NJ (800) 942-7776 Mid-State Lumber Corp. of Warwick, NY (800) 914-9663 Mid-State Lumber Corp. of Kingston, PA (800) 257-7415

We leave nothing to chance:

  • From monsoon rains to dock strikes, from equipment breakdowns to religious and cultural celebrations, from harsh winter weather to transoceanic sailing schedules, we back up everything!
  • With weekly sailing service, our turnaround delivery time from Malaysia to New York is typically six weeks. At our own warehouse in Malaysia, we maintain constant inventory support of ALL PRODUCTS.

We cover the market:

  • Our wholesale distributors maintain year-round inventories of over 50 individual Blue Star items at seven strategically located warehouses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

We are a team:

  • Our ocean carriers, domestic truckers, customs brokers and wholesale distributors have all been our partners for more than 25 years. Loyalty, dedication and experience are our keys to success

Blue Star Products Are Brought To You By:

Blue Star Sawmill Sdn Bhd, of Karak, Pahang (timber managers, sawmill); The Wood Factory Sdn Bhd, of Karak, Pahang (moulding factory); International Market Strategies, Inc., of Portland, Oregon (U.S. Importer); The Warren Trask Company, of Lakeville, MA; and U.S. Lumber (various locations).

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