Bevel Siding

Hardwood Siding

1/2″ x 6″ Bevel Siding


  • Kiln dried 8-10% MC. Run to moulding quality finish

Available Lengths:

  • Random length, 8′-20′ odd and even; allowing maximum of 7% 6/7′ trim backs, as develops; 12′ average length.


  • Net width is a full 5-1/2″. Heel thickness is a full 15/32″. Toe thickness is a full 3/16″ with a 1/16″ radius.


  • Reversible; Smooth on one face and Saw Texture (resawn) on opposite face. Manufactured from fine-textured Seraya timber. Requires priming on all surfaces with oil-based primer before application.

Hardwood Factory From the sawmill to the finish, each piece of lumber is graded a minimum of seven times.

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