T&G Porch-Flooring

All Blue Star Products Are:

Shipped kiln dried. Manufactured on high-speed equipment to a moulding- quality finish. Packaged in protective crating. Graded to our specifications, per The Malaysian Grade Rules for Hardwood Lumber (Select and Better).

Trust Blue Star to provide you the Right Species for the Right Products

We offer over 50 individual items for decks, porches and interior/exterior trim. Blue Star products exceed all recognized industry standards for strength, durability, pest and rot resistance. Our Dark Red Meranti is prized by European architects for high-class joinery applications. These species provide the ultimate combination of beauty, versatility, performance and economy for decking and related products. They mill to a superior surface, work easily, absorb and hold finish deeply and evenly. Our timber ages to a smooth surface, with less checking (cracking) than other harder, heavier, and more expensive species. Dark Red Meranti Bukit (Shorea platyclados) has been our proven performer for more than 25 years as decking, porch flooring and exterior trim. Dark Red Meranti Nemesu (Shorea pauciflora) is a close cousin of M. Bukit.  The two possess virtually the same properties, and are nearly indistinguishable.  We utilize Nemesu for the same purposes as M. Bukit.  Dark Red Seraya (Shorea curtisii) is often referred to simply as “Seraya.”  The straight grain and fine texture of this dark red meranti makes it our preferred timber for wide boards and profiled mouldings, as well as decking.  Seraya dries evenly, works easily, and remains stable in exterior applications.

See for yourself

Download a chart of the Mechanical and Working Properties of Dark Red Meranti and Red Balau. Adobe PDF Reader required.

Blue Star Hardwoods are Different

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